THE EPHESIANS 5:11 INITIATIVE – SATURDAY 9/13/14 BIRMINGHAM, AL 2-6 PM  Room 254 in North Building   Dawson Memorial Baptist Church 1114 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209   (click here for for more information)

ATTENTION SRT is looking for cases in the Northeast.  
If you are in the Northeast and/or New England area and have an SRT type case please contact us.  
What is an “SRT type case“? – we do not “investigate” paranormal activity.  If you want to know if your house is haunted or have a curiosity about the paranormal – WE ARE NOT YOUR TEAM!  We solve supernatural problems by removing the threat.  SRT is a seek and destroy team that deals with known demonic problems or cases involving extreme paranormal activity harm.  If some other paranormal team – any other team; well known or not – has tried to help and only made things worse – that is an SRT case.  We have cleaned up after other well meaning teams before.  If you fit this description contact us NOW using the Contact Button above.
4-20-14 – NO REFLECTIONS IN THE DARK TONIGHT!  We are honoring Resurrection Sunday and taking the day off for family and fellowship.  We will be back next Sunday, April 27th with guest Stan Deyo.

NASHVILLE, TN AREA:  Richard J Grund will be doing The Ephesians 5:11 Initiative at The Next Stage Seminar – Preparing to Minister in Trouble Times  (Saturday January 25th from 10 am to 4 pm).   It is being held in Franklin, TN.  Seating is limited so make sure you have a place now!  Registration link.  
Make plans now.  Hope to see you there.

Richard Grund was the first guest for the premiere of Augusto Perez’s new radio show.  
Listen here.
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Interview of Richard Grund by the website Extraordinary Intelligence.

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